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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GoLaw.com Personal Injury Articles

Are you researching a legal matter?  Have you been injured in an accident?  GoLaw.com is here to hep you find an Accident Injury Attorney near you.  Read our Personal Injury Articles to get more information.  If you have any questions, call 530-674-1440 to get a Free Legal Consultation.

The following BLOGs may be helpful to you in researching your Accident-Injury case:

The Jones Act -- Unearned Wages

Under the Jones Act and general maritime law, a seaman who is injured in the course and scope of his employment may recover "unearned wages," i.e., the wages he would have earned if he were able to continue working until the end of the voyage. Unearned wages may include overtime, bonuses, and other employment benefits.

Nominal Damages

If an injured party is harmed or has property that is damaged by the intentional or negligent conduct of a defendant, he may bring an action to recover damages. Sometimes, the injured party recovers a verdict but only nominal, or minimal, damages.

The Collateral Source Rule

The "collateral source rule" is a legal rule that prevents a defendant from introducing evidence that a plaintiff has received payment from a third party. For example, a plaintiff is injured in an automobile accident with a defendant.

Dram Shop Laws

Under a "dram shop law," a business that sells alcohol to an intoxicated customer may be liable when the customer injures a third party. Most dram shop cases involve drunk driving.

Invasion of Privacy--Disclosure

The law provides everyone with some basic rights to privacy. Privacy is the general right to be left alone and free from unwanted publicity. Unreasonable invasion of one's privacy causes harm.

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