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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mark A Doughty - California Personal Injury LawWhat Not to Do After Sacramento Car Accidents
Most individuals know the basics of what to do after car accidents in Sacramento. Seeking medical treatment for any injuries, calling the police, and notifying their insurance companies are the most common steps that accident victims take. But what if you were not injured during the accident? Are there things you can do that could actually jeopardize your case?
The Law Offices of Mark A. Doughty wants to make you aware of actions that victims of auto accidents in Sacramento should not take, regardless of any injuries suffered. Actions that may place your lawsuit or settlement at risk include:
  • Admitting blame for any part of the accident. It may help you to know that determining fault is not your responsibility. It is something that should be left to a Sacramento car accident lawyer to establish. Admitting fault, or even apologizing for the accident, may be seen as an admission of guilt--which can be held against you at a later date. This can substantially lower your award, or even eliminate it entirely. Allow your attorney to seek evidence that fault exists, and follow his or her advice on how to best seek redress for the harm caused to you by the other party.
  • Making a deal with an insurance company. If an insurance company offers you a fast and easy deal to pay for damage to your car or property, do not accept such a deal without first speaking to your car accident lawyer in Sacramento. Insurance companies will almost always offer less than they can afford to pay, and usually less than you deserve, in order to avoid going to court. Accepting such a deal without legal guidance can be a costly mistake. You will probably not be able to obtain a larger settlement amount from the insurance company, should you find that the accepted amount did not cover the cost of the damage.
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