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Monday, December 21, 2015

Driver Hits Motorcycle Attempting to Pass

Happy Holidays from the GoLaw Legal Network.  We wish you a Joyful, Healthy & Safe season with your family, friends, and loved ones. Thanks for the chance to have you as a “digital friend” on our social networks, and thanks also to GoMotorcycleCrash.com for sending us this month’s Safety Video Blog: Texas Driver Purposefully Swerves to Hit Passing Motorcyclist

Road Safety or Self Defense?
When we first watched the YouTube Video linked below, and saw through the eyes of the helmet camera cruising down the road on a bright sunny day, we found it very hard to believe. We all must be reminded me to Remain Alert, and to Always Drive Defensively.  No amount of Motorcyclist Safety School, however, can prevent another driver from committing negligence and poor judgement. In this case, it appears to be an intentional act of wrongdoing which caused this motorcycle/vehicle collision.

AutoBlog.com reports: “Two wrongs definitely don't make a right, especially on the road when lives are at risk. A motorcycle rider and his passenger in Texas were on the receiving end of that truism Saturday when a car they were attempting to illegally pass hit them, perhaps intentionally. Eric Sanders was riding on his motorcycle with his girlfriend Debra Simpson when they came up on some traffic, WFAA reported. Sanders says the driver was traveling 20 miles under the speed limit. They tried to pass the driver in a no passing zone, but that's no excuse for what happened next. The slow-moving car suddenly swerved into the motorcycle, sending the bike and its riders skittering across the blacktop.”

VIDEO: Driver Purposely Hits Passing Motorcyclist
According to Fox8.com: “Authorities are investigating after a car veered into a motorcycle on a rural North Texas road, an incident captured on video that left two people injured. The crash happened Saturday on a two-lane road about 5 miles north of Granbury, TX. Eric Sanders, the driver of the motorcycle, contends the car’s driver swerved intentionally. He suffered abrasions, and his girlfriend was taken to a Fort Worth hospital with a broken wrist and deep arm lacerations.”


Published by Bikes_vs_Cops on Oct 17, 2015

Negligence or Attempted Murder?
Eric Sanders, the driver of the motorcycle, contends the car’s driver swerved intentionally. A video shows the motorcycle passing a car, which then veers left over a double yellow center line, upsetting the motorcycle and sending the riders into the roadway.

Published by Mayhem Street-bikes on Oct 17, 2015
Video courtesy of : Eric Sanders

Motorcycle Road Rage and Attempted Vehicular Homicide
The Fox8.com team continues the report: 
“The second motorcyclist, who captured the accident on his helmet cam, confronted the driver who can be heard on the video saying ‘I don’t care’ when asked what he was doing and why he hit the motorcyclist."

"The 68-year-old William Crum of Granbury was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Each felony count carries a punishment of two to 20 years in prison if convicted.”

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